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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Favor of Pairs

It is doubtless that this life has been made for each living creature, to have the pairs and differences. Noble and low-down. Heaven and Hell. Obedience and non-obedience. Allah had confirmed this fact about pairs in terms of humans and their children in His mentioning;
    "He made you pairs (male and female). " (Fathir:11)

The contentment of being in pair in the expression of marriage is what brings the continuity of human being. In the path of completing the happiness of life, Allah had now granted us with desires; the good and bad.

To control, observe, balance and guide the route of these two desires and making sure that they both are always in the middle spot of moderation, Allah had awarded us with al-Quran. In addition to avoiding confusions, Allah then sent us a Prophet, Muhammad P.B.U.H. who will clarify the teachings of al-Quran, as transparent as possible in the actuality of life.

Al-Qur'an came from Allah the Most Magnificent, brought down from the sky, and the person that accepted it from time to time, is as best respected human being alive. Thus only the people who practises Islam, fights for Islam, willing to face the hardships for Islam, sacrifices and let things go for Islam, live for Islam; and also would die in the name of Islam, well, these are the people who possess the magnificence.

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