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Friday, October 30, 2009

Waste By Human

  • Knowledge + Understanding
  • God Deeds
  • Wealth
  • Heart
  • Body
  • Love
  • Time
  • 'Aqal
  • Zikir

1. Knowledge + Understanding
It is a waste if not practiced towards goodness. A knowledge taught and performed continuously is the most useful deed of which the great returns from it may be felt for a long term.

2. Good Deeds.
A good deed done with a heavy heart, not freely done because of Allah, is frittered away. It is as if we work without receiving payment. Freewill matters in whatever we do.

3. Wealth.

4. Heart.
A waste when it is empty, as if squeezed dry from the love of Allah.

5. Body.
It is a blow if not used wisely to perform ‘ibadah upon Allah the Almighty.

6. Love.
It is a waste if the love is poured on creatures more than on Allah, or if hoping for a creature’s love more than hoping for Allah’s love. A true, guiding love is the love from Allah Himself. Thus it is as clear as ever, that an excessive love towards human is a fritter. This is due to the fact that human’s heart is changeable with time, and a love too strong upon someone will sometimes lead to pain. On contrary, if we love Allah so much, then insyaAllah He will love us too, and we will long be in His care.

7. Time.
It is a huge blow if not handled well. Spend it wisely, because the question of the good and bad consequences is often asked by the end of it. A person well known at a beginning, we do not know whether yes or not he will be well-known at the end as well, that is, if he does not take care of his well-beings. The ending of some things is usually the hardest part to keep fine. To be in the safe zone, avoid wasting time pointlessly, because a wasted second means a waste of age. We never know how much time left for us anyway, right?

8. Brain/Mind (Akal).
Using the mind given by Allah not for the good of Islam is a fritter. A successful person is the one that is able to take control of his world and make preparations for the bigger life; the hereafter.

9. Remembering Allah through words (zikir).
It is a waste if the holy words of praises upon Allah that we chant do not give any effect to the heart. Do it right, with freewill, so that it will grant us tranquility and peace that we need in facing this world, full of obstacles and hardships

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