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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I make this to share with you when you want to know about this topic which is BAPTISM.
I've make this presentation.

For the first time when I choose this topic, I think it is hard for us to do it because we do not know much about it. For me, i don't know where to begin and what we should put in our presentation.

For your information, we need to make a report before doing a presentation and surprisingly we do our report just in 2 days only. Fisrt day, we find articles and the next day we are writing the report and finally submit to our lecturer. Last minute work but it worth because we get full mark!! =D

In the process of finding the information, Me and my friends always have a different view on baptism. For example, when should someone be baptize. I then ask a person, Lim Jooi Soon who is christian believer previously and then I get the clear view and information about it. It is happen because there are different types of believe in Christian which make us confuse and get a various types of information when we find 'baptism' in the internet.

Now, we come to the topic. I just make short point.

There are 7 TYPES OF SACRAMENTin Catholic but only 2 types in Protestant which are:

1. Sacrament of Baptism ( Protestant + Catholic )
2. Sacrament of Confirmation
3. Sacrament of Eucharist ( Protestant + Catholic)
4. Sacrament of Penance
5. Sacrament of Anointing of The Sick
6. Sacrament of Holy Orders
7. Sacrament of Matrimony

Baptism is the first element in sacrament.
It acts as an initiation rites in religion. 
same as recite Syahadah in Islam, Upanayana in Hindu, Tiratna in Buddha
Catholic believer will be baptised twice (during baby and when matured) but Protestant only once (when matured).


1. To clean the original sin - (Believed by Catholic)
Christian believe that all people inherit sins committed by Adam by eating the forbidden fruit. So, they must be baptized during baby because of the baby dies, he/she will go to purgatory (place between heaven & hell )

2. To declare as Christians - (Believed by Protestant)
They will have a big ceremony to declare that Jesus has accepted them as Christians to all relatives, friends and families. They will be baptized after puberty or when matured.


1. Baptizand wears garment.
2. Priest then breathes in form of cross & prays.
3. Baptizand confess verbally
4. Priest make sign of cross.
5. Baptizand gets in the water.
6. Priest prays silently and say, "I baptized you in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit."
7. Baptizand is immersed in the water.


1. Pouring / Sprinkling - for baby
2. Immersing - Usually when the are no longer baby

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