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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Japanese Views About Islam

Let me show a  view of a Japanese when I ask him, What is his opinion about Islam?.

"I think Islam are pitied that unbeliever feel it, because Islam has some restrict a person's freedom. I want to drink the alcoholic drinks with my friends if what any happen to me. and Who will be like anyone that is not relation same sex.  Then there are a lot of terrorist."

This is not only for non-Muslims but also for the Muslims themselves.

The Misconception about Islam are:

1. Islam restrict our freedom.
Not all restriction (laws) that is imposed on us is bad. It doesn't matter whether the laws in religion or in a government or even in university. Every restriction in this world will give positive implications on us, especially restriction in Islam. Why Muslim women need to cover some parts of their bodies? Let us picture this situation as food that we eat. Between covered and exposed food, which one would you choose? The exposed one might have already be touched by "unhygienic" hands, poking and pinching it, causing the food to be impure. Now let's look at the covered one. It'll be clean, pure and very safe to eat. Can you relate this hypothetical case with why women need to keep their "properties" from those who are not supposed to see them.

2. People cannot eat pork and drink.
Can you list up all the foods(meats) and beverages that we can eat and drink? Let me list here for you-meat; horse meat, hen, chicken, goat, sheep and for beverages-milo, syrup, milk, apple juice, orange juice, strawberry juice, and many more juices. Tell me now, is this what we call too little to consume, or many enough, or more than enough? Go on, answer that in your heart. How many meat that are prohibited to eat and how many type of beverage that are prohibited to drink?(Muslims are only  prohibited from eating eat pork and drink).

3. Islam produce terrorist.
Most of the international mass media always show that Muslim are terrorists and people who are born to be terrorists. In point of fact, this is not true at all. People tend to believe those things. The prior question is, do they have any prove? Or they just blindly absorb all the facts that media have said? Is it really easy for you to believe what most of the people believe? When a majority of people agree with that, it is not necessarily they are true.
You must investigate the facts first and then you can consider whether to believe it or not. You must consult the people who are really expert in that field so that you can get the correct view  
 (Eg. when you have a problem is answering question related to Physics, who you will refer to? Your friends may be give their view but it is not really correct. So, you must refer to your lecturer or the person who is expert in Physics. Isn't this true?)
So, when you hear any news, don't put trust in it so easily. Investigate and make sure of its genuineness first.

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