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Monday, March 01, 2010

Recipe - Nasi Lemak Kelantan

My mom hadn’t been feeling very well if compared to the past days. So, I will be a chef. Do you know how to make a delicious nasi lemak?

Here is the list of things that we need to prepare in doing the chilli paste:

1. Anchovies (Around 2-3 tablespoon.) or Fish or Squids or Prawn or Chicken.
2. Onions (2-4 pieces depending on the size. If you like the smell of onion and want thick sauce, can add alot.)

3. Dried chillies (cut into small pieces and soak in water. Around 1 basin. Its okay to be alot if you like spicy and eat alot.hihi )

4. Salt + Sugar

5. Oil

I think anybody can make it.  You should try it. Piece of cake, trust me!
First, you must fry the anchovies until they are nicely brown and crunchy. Make sure that you put enough oil so that all the anchovies will submerge in the oil. Don’t leave them for too long until they are too brown, or they will taste of burnt, even when we don’t see like it is so.

Then, lift (to let the oil run down). Next, you must blend the dried chillies + onion until they are really squashed. Don’t be too generous on the onion, or it won’t really agree with your taste buds.
Once you’ve finished blending, pour the paste into the oil that you had used to fry the anchovies before. Let it cook until the oil appears floating on the surface. Then, put some salt and sugar in the amount as you wish it would taste. 

(TIPS : If you want really nice taste of sambal eventhough not putting any belacan, make sure to cook until the color turn dark red and alot of oil appear floating. Just use slow heat and leave for long time. For me, it takes around half day to make this.).

Finally put the anchovies into the cooking gravy/paste and stir it bit by bit. Then turn off the fire.
The anchovy chilli paste is now ready.. Isn’t it simple?

To make the rice, you need:
1. Rice
2. Coconut Milk
3. Salt + Sugar
4. Water ( according to a certain measurement )
5. Pandan leaves (to make your rice smells nice~~)
6. Ginger (some blend, some just cut into pieces. This will make your rice smells nice)
7. Onion (blend)
8. Spices ( Kulit kayu manis, bunga lawang, bunga cengkih, pelaga hindi, lada hitam. This is for nice smell and to get its nutrients~)

First, cook the coconut milk that had been added with water (at the right amount) until it boils. The rice must be washed first. After the coconut milk has boiled, put the rice, stir it a little and close the lid. Make sure the fire is in moderate. Wait for 15 minutes or more and you must check the concentration of water whether it had dried up or not. Stir the rice evenly and don't open the lid when the water has nearly dried away. Lower the fire. Then wait until the rice cooks, and turn off the fire. Yep, now the rice is finish.

Here is the picture of the nasi lemak that I cooked myself. My first try!

====credit to my friends ddrop for translating some of it. I have been editing this today on Apr 30th 2018 since I've been changing the way of cooking this nasi lemak. hihihi====


mutiara bd said...

Haha, how many hours u take to prepare this entry?


marshmallow said...

why are you laughing?
it only take for about 30 minutes.. hahahaha..

my friend help editing my post.