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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Malaysian Youth Leadership

Have you heard about AIM? I know nothing about it and haven't heard before this. I just know it when I go to this Islamic Youth Leadership Workshop.  AIM is the short form for Asian Institute Management which is usually related to bussiness. Malaysian Youth Leadership is only participated by CFS, IIUM students only.

At al-Ghufran mosque

~~at the end of the program~~

here are some of the thought of us before attending this workshop. one of it is mine.
guess which one~~~

For you information, I have attend a workshop this morning. At first, my expectation going there is just to gain knowledge and fulfill my weekend holidays. But surprisingly, I was very interesting and I think the period of the workshop which is only for about 3 hours is TOO SHORT!!

When we arrived at the place, which is a mosque, I was surprised to see many foreigner going into the room that we want to go in. So, I'm thinking in my mind, "Do they the invited speaker? But why they are too much?". The fellows can be estimated about 14 and above ( if i'm not mistaken) because from what they have told us, 2 of them are from Malaysia which is Sabah, 4 from Indonesia, and 8 from Philipines.

Then, we are invited to enter the room and I'm thinking again, "Do we are the only people (which is all from UIA) that come to this programme? Why I can see only a small number of chairs that have been arranged (which logically say that we are the only)?".

After we taaruf a little bit with them, I was ethusiastic to know more from them especially from Philipine. I like to hear when they are talking each other although I can't understand. One of the fellow named Abdullah Hamidullah which is from philipine but he wants us to call him as Pogie which mean handsome.

In this workshop, we need to draw an animal which will represent as our theme for the leadership. We need to give evidence why we choose it. My group choose an eagle which represent as a strong, tough, high determination, speak out things clearly, and many more. But unfortunately, two other groups which is the boys group also choose bird as their theme. We have four groups which consist of 2 boys and  2 girls groups respectively. Next girl group choose bee as their theme. Our eagle is not an ordinary eagle because it is cross-breeding from Phillipine, Indonesia, and Malaysia. That's why our drawing does not look like a real eagle lol. Since this workshop is held from an international organization, thats why we are doing like that. One of my friends, Najah has asked Pogie, what do he call an eagle in Phillipines and his answer is 'Agila'. Can you pronounce it? A-G-I-L-A . The pronounciation for word 'G' is a little bit different from us (from what i hear from Pogie).


 Is it cute our eagle?

All and all, the workshop is worth as it give me an opportunity to meet people from other country. I patiently wait to have the chance to meet people from all over the world. It doesn't matter where they are come from. Some of the fellow then give each of us their 'business card'. They even said to keep in touch which us and asked us to add them as their friends in facebook!! Although they sometimes look like a father, but their character is different which make us feels comfortable to interact with them.

Our group presentation.  The person in the middle is Pogie~~~ Hehehe.. =D

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