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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bread Pudding

Are you keeping a loaf of bread, still a lot, but nearing the expiry date? You don’t have the urge to eat all of them, but throwing them away will certainly be a waste.

So, what do you say to trying out a bread pudding for a change? It is easy to make.

Here are the ways on how to make the bread pudding.

The ingredients needed are:
1. Bread (6 pieces)
2. Evaporated milk (1tin)
3. Salt (little bit only) + Sugar/Concentrated milk
4. Eggs (4)
5. Flour (2 tablespoons)

First of all, soak all the bread into the evaporated milk for about 30 minutes soften it. Then, squeeze all of them by using your hand to make it into paste-like. After that, pour the eggs into it. Make sure that the eggs were beaten first. Then put all the salt + sugar + flour. If you put sugar, make sure your blend it first to make it fine. Then, stir it evenly and bake it.

It is ready to eat~!!

You should try it if you like.. It’s worth it.

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