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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Recently, I heard from my father saying that:
"Some people do the things first before doing istiqarah prayer"

What does this mean?
Let me explain.

Actually, we must do istiqarah first before choosing/doing something.
It is the correct way and method.
But  most of the time, people like to do the things first and then istiqarah.
For a clearer view, i'll give you an example.

If you want to do something like want to choose A or B for your life, you must pray (istiqarah) first before choosing it. The wrong way that people usually do is choose first and then istiqarah. It is totally wrong because istiqarah is our 'helper'  in choosing the best for us.


dewdrop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dewdrop said...

salah terus ka kalau bt dulu bru istikharah?
just asking =)

사키나 said...

xsalah pun.
tp xkena cara dy.
kan kita nk minta kt Allah.
so, minta btul2.
mcm klu kita dh pilih cthla nk g jalan B pastu baru buat istiqarah harap jalan B ni btul, xleh dh sbb kta dh pilih. so, mcm xssuai. hehe..

dewdrop said...

sbb km kdg2 pilih dulu, then istikharah tu mcm utk 'walaupun pilihan km silap, km mnta Allah jaga spy xjatuh' pelik kan?hehe
tQ anyways!