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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mitos of Salt Lamps

Nowadays, there are a lot of things that is believe by most of the people which are either right or wrong.
"You should put a least one salt lamp at your house / where you live so as to give you more strength"
Have you experienced the situation like that? I guess you must have a least hear someone saying like that.

Actually, most of the believes that we have heard before usually COMES from CHINESE BELIEF.
One of the wrong believes are:


It was mixed up between the true & false thing.It is true that the salt is emitting 'something' but actually as we know most of the elements are emitting their waves (i dont remember the exact term. so i just say it as a wave).

For example, we know that perfumes vaporize in the air and give a good smell. So does this process happen to the salt lamp.


The rumors saying that while we are doing congregational prayer (jemaah), there is good charges between the person. It is TOTALLY WRONG. What happen to the imam (leader)? He is praying alone in the front. No person behind him. Whats happen to the imam?
Think by yourself whether there is existence of good charges between person while doing congregational prayers.


What is the prove? Is it scientific prove or anything else (just by saying)?
Although most of ulama are saying about this, it is not true. The same goes as hadis which has its own categories ; sohih, dhoif. This is same with science. Some of the dhoif hadis is still saying by ustaz because they sometimes didn't know well about it. So, how about when it comes to talking about science?
Sorry if my thought looks like condemning ulama' but I'm not meaning that because I just want to remind others and aware all of us because as we know not all people in this world are perfect.


Don't totally believe what you have read / receive whether by email / sms / anywhere.
Just read and find the truth first if you want to spread the things.


dewdrop said...

i can see the dissatisfaction look on your face the last time salt lamp was mentioned.haha

(jap, apa kaitan salt lamp dgn zamzam?)

(check plural n singular balik.suggestion ja)

btw, nice post! :)

사키나 said...

haha... you're good at judging my face.

kaitanny, sbb dua2 org dok percaya yg xbetul. tu ja..

okay, arigato gozaimas for giving suggestion 2 me!!