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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ganesha's Head

Anybody have ever heard the name?
Some of course yes, or may be no.
Now, let us have a better understanding about son of Shiva and Parvati.
The source of this fact is from a comparative religion programme.

What can you see from this picture?
From this picture, the most obvious thing is the head of a kid (Ganesha).
He has an elephant head.
Do you know the story that lead to that?

Based on Hinduism, Ganesha is known to be son of God. According to a book of Vedas, Parvati was left out in a long period of time. As Parvati really wanted a child, Parvati has made his son by using his sweat (daki).

One day, Shiva has returned home from his journey. At that time, Parvati is believed taking a shower while his son, Ganesha has been instructed to not allow anyone from entering the area where she is taking a bath. Shiva who returned were surprised because there was a boy which did not allow him to meet his wife. Finally Shiva beheaded Ganesha and went to Parvati. The head of Ganesha is believed to have been hurled as far as possible. 
After that, Shiva tells Parvati that the boy is actually their child! (How can it be that God do not know their own son??)
How sad Parvati after learning her son had been decapitated. Parvati told Shiva to find his son's head. Because Shiva cannot not find head of Ganesha, Shiva has taken an elephant head as an alternative! 

What can you deduced from the above story?

*I remind again that I did not create such story but it is stated in book of Veda.

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