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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dewey Readmore Books

Hello and Konnichiwa everyone!!

How are you? Now, I want to share a book that I've just read for about 5month and above (due to laziness to continue reading it lol)! Actually it is not easy for me to read a novel written in English. Anyway, I recommend all of you to read this book especially for cat-lovers. As you can see below, the picture shows a book with a brown cat posing for a photograph. His name is Dewey (as you can see the title of the book). This non-fiction novel started with story about a place named Iowa which lives a cat who had become famous later on.

The story begins when a librarian, named Vicki Myron, found a cute little kitten at library drop box during a very cold morning. To make it short, Vicki gives the kitten's name, Dewey, and take care of Dewey to the end of his life. As you go deeper and reaching to the end, I thought it would be a happy ending but it happened to be the other way around. I think if you read this, you couldn't bear your tear from falling down because Dewey has been euthanasia (given anesthetic) because of the disease he had as Dewey has lived for about 18years old!

Two thing that attract my attention on Dewey (or maybe I just know) are:

1. Dewey can play hide-and-seek with human! I never heard before that cat can play this game with its owner. Can anybody inform me if your cat can play hide-and-seek with you?
2. Dewey loves people, like to cheer others especially children, & knows the others feeling. All of the characters that had been mentioned are very good and will not be easily forgotten if you're the owner.

For more information about Dewey, you can go to this website--> http://www.spencerlibrary.com/dewey.shtml
#p/s: Qatrun, if you read this article, i just want to ask. Have you read or known the title of this book by any chance because your previous url contain 'dewey'? where do you found it. haha... just my curiousity.


dewdrop said...

post ni baru publish kan?
ha, yep i've seen the dewey book
tp tajuk lain rasanya

but my url had nothing to do with it
km buh url tu dulu, then later nmpk buku tu kt kedai
tp tah x tertarik nk beli sgt

best ka?
ka sbb mpa tu yg minat kucing sgt2 yg mmbuatkan best?

사키나 said...

yep baru je.
mungkin best sbb minat kucing kot.
tp last2 sedih~~~~ huaaa...
tak teringin ka nak bc?? hehehe

dewdrop said...

hehehe. x kot
not my style of book rasanya
btw, ingt lg km kata nk bg dpt 100 dynmcs?

tak dpt.....huhu
tp tetap alhamdulillah wlaupun agak sikit

사키나 said...

yes, i remember. hehe
xpa2.. btw, tahniah jg..

suka baca buku jenis apa nie...