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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I Love Nature


I just upload picture about nature. There are picture that I had taken by myself and some by my friend from Japan. Credits to Dai. If you read this, what is the season during that time? Is it autumn?Am I correct? Actually I love to watch nature and its surrounding. For more picture about nature, you can go to Harun Yahya website.

Last but not least, times to think and ponder. As we know, God has created all things with perfect creation. Nothing is imperfect if we are trying to find it. Thanks to God because of Him, we are able to live in this world.

Trees in forest at Lata Celak, Kedah, Malaysia

One of the road at Japan
Flowering tree in front of my house

Many leaves fall down. Location: In front of Sg Ara school.
Earth full covered with red leaves.
Far away sight at Japan
Red leaves tree at Japan
My mother's orchid
Nice view at mountain Fuji at Japan
Way full of dry leaves at Japan

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