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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wrong Usage of Word in PBA Bill

I'm sure anyone who live in Penang will get your own water bill every 2month. Have you ever try to look at the word written in the bill, SURCAJ PENJIMATAN AIR or in english, surcharge rebate water (if i'm not mistaken) which is actually have the wrong usage of word? According to Cambridge dictionary, surcharge means that
A charge in addition to the usual amount paid for something, or the amount already paid.
However, rebate totally have the opposite meaning from surcharge. The correct one is actually excessive usage surcharge. How come rebate is use together with surcharge? So, who is responsible for this mistake? Please do not make us confused and damage our language. =)

Surcaj penjimatan air(surcharge ribate water) or excessive usage surcharge??

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