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Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Know Handset is Original or Not

Minna-san konnichiwa.

Just now, I went to Bukit Jambul to buy handset for my sister. While we are wandering around, we found two shops that have the phone which is desired by my sister. We found out that both two handsets have a little big price difference (about RM40). First shop is little bit like an exhibition and the second one is a 'proper' shop. I decided to go to the shop (if i'm not mistaken, the shop named Microlink Telecommunication) and ask the salesman. Then the Chinese salesman explain very deeply and clearly all about phone that I want to know long time ago.

First, he explains about AP. What is AP? AP is needed when you want to know whether the phone is original or not. AP is in form of sticker that is attached at the phone. For more information about AP, visit this
link. Below is an example of AP sticker attached to Nokia phone. AP sticker differ with different model. Visit this link for more information.

Next thing which is new for me is EC. He talks about it. What is EC? EC is also in the form of sticker which mean the phone does not bears tax(tak kena cukai). That's why EC product is more cheaper than AP product. But AP doesn't have much difference with EC product.

There is also one more word that is talked by that salesman. But I dont know how to spell it. The word is used to explain that the handset is secondhand but is modified and sell is again as firsthand. Therefore, this product can be sold cheaply.

Last thing he told me is that Nokia (touchpad phone) can be infected by virus but Samsung is not. I dont really know the truth about this but I accept this for now (until I found out it is proven otherwise).

That's all. Jaane..

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