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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Removing Background Music in Video

Assalamualaikum, みんあーさん こんいちわ!

げんき です か。 Can't hear the spoken words clearly in some video? You feels annoying because of background music? Now, I'll guide you one out of many ways on how to reduce background music and at the same time you'll be able to hear the spoken words more clearly. Superb easy guys!!
First, you must have VLC Media Player (whether in Windows/Ubuntu). I recommend you to get installer at cnet.com. It's free from spyware. Follow the steps below ne...

Open VLC Player > Tools > Effects and Filters OR simply press "Ctrl" + "E" > Tick Enable > Done

I don't find such things on Windows Arcade Deluxe or Windows Media Center or video converter software(iWisoft). You also can change the Preset that you like. Just choose anyone and try listening the effect. Now, you can enjoy listening without interuption. That's all. さようなら!

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