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Friday, June 10, 2011

Unable to Right Click?

While you're browsing some pages and want to open to a new tab, you can't do right click. Have you ever encounter this problem? No no no.... Well, yes if you're trying to do at my site! hahaha.. Now, I gonna tell you how to overcome the problem.. Short & simple......
Actually this is about Javascript matter, only. So, you just need to disable Javascript in order to do right-click. Why not try it now to proves this?

Options > Content > Untick 'Enable Javascript" > Done

So, do get frustrated or if you can't do right-click. Just disable Javascript and there you go. May be the owner don't want you to copy their things... maybe.... for me, i just want to play around with plugin! For the owner (who's site can't do right-click), don't be Knowledge is to share.. That's all for now. Jyane..

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