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Thursday, August 25, 2011

5 Things U Should Know Before Buying A New Lappy

Assalamualaikum, みな こんいちわ!

It is the best that you know a bit rather than buy blindly or know nothing.


1st: Ask this question to yourself. Why do you want a laptop? What is the purpose of having it? Long term use or want to change when a new model is available?

For example, if your main purpose of having a new laptop is to watch movies or drama, surf the net, or use microsoft office (doc, ppt, xls, & etc...),why not buy the very simple one or cheap one. What do I mean cheap or simple? Any laptop that have Windows and microsoft office. To cut more cost, non-genuine windows also can be used. loll Disadvantage of using non-genuine is you cannot update your Windows (u won't have security protection). Thats it. Anyway, just use LINUX. You can do all of those things!

2nd: You must know about its accesories | motherboard, operating system [either free OS-LINUX or Windows], memory size[more work can be done at the same time.], hard disk [more stuff can be saved], and graphics. Why you must know this? It is because you are able to cut the cost and prevent from buying stuffs that u would not use at all.

If your main purpose is to make videos, you should buy lappy with at least 4GB Memory. This is to make sure that your system run smoothly and prevent it from freeze or close unexpectedly. For editing picture, buy laptop with the best graphics card. For instance AMD Radeon HD 6550M - switchable graphics.

3rd: Find the best place that you can buy it at a very lower price. For example, at PC Fair, IT Fair, PC Expo, etc...... They sold the latest product and at a very reasonable price.

4th: Most laptop weigh around 2.4kilogram. It is kinda heavy if you are extremely 'mobile'. There are various lappy that weigh less than that - eg: Acer TimelineX or lappy with <14" screen (which is exactly less than 2.4kg).

5th: How about the brand? From my opinion,
--DELL: for working people because it contains too many softwares and programmes that students will never use and thus more expansive,
--Acer: perfectly suit students,
--COMPAQ is for students too but cheaper & less quality than Acer (most of time having screen problem) ,
--HP: for working people and students

That's all. またね~~

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