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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Auto-Save Microsoft Office file

Hi, こんいちわ~~~

I want to share this new knowledge that i just realize it!
Maybe it's a bit late, but not tooo late.
If your lecturer don't want to give a copy of their lecture note, that's NOT a big problem at all!

1. Open Microsoft Powerpoint / Word / anything that you want.
2. Select File
3. Option

then, you will get  like this.

Make sure to tick the boxes that i've highlighted in red color. Then, please change the minutes to 1 minutes so that when your lecturer change anything, it will immediately auto-save! =) (feel like i'm naughty if i done this to my lecturer. hahaha but its okay. more time to concentrate on what the lecturer is talking.)

So, where you can retrieve back your auto-save file?
there are 2 WAYS to find back the file.


Follow the URL and you will get the file (for microsoft powerpoint).

2nd: File > Recent

There, you can find 'recover unsaved file' (for microsoft word).


またね~~~ (^^) 


dewdrop said...

u mean do this on the lecturer's comp? before the lecturer comes in?

사키나 said...

nope. kat kls km mmg ada komputer khas. jd bt je kt komputer tu. tau sbb apa bt mcm tu? sbb lecturer tu xmau bg kalau minta kat dia. cara lain halal. haha =D
tapi kami ada cara 1 lg. ni mmg copy exactly. screen recorder! pernah dgr? nnt km bt post satu lg. heeee...