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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

BLACKLIST - Swarna Bumi Ticket

Hello, konnichiwa, assalamualaikum....

On this article, i would like to express my dissatisfaction / resentment riding this bus. The bus started journey at 9.15am but 5 minutes later, the engine stop. Whats the matter?????? No explanation & unsatisfied answer given when we ask "when will the problem solved?".. You can see the pictures attached below for the evidence.
This is how the ticket looks like.

Now, it is 1.40pm but the bus is still there. They claimed the damage is soo bad & need 'pomen' from KL.

can u see the plate no? This is Swarna Bumi bus.

waste my time for almost 2 hours! (9.15am-12.15pm)
This bus is supposed to arrive Butterworth around 5.15pm after 8hours journey. HOWEVER............ we arrive at 2AM!!!!!!

9.15am - Departure
9.20am - The engine stop working (shutdown)
9.45am -  Ask the driver what's the problem (because the driver just keep quiet, not informing us what's happen)


AFTER ALMOST 2-3 HOURS WAITING, they claimed that there are other bus, but actually, NONE!

12.15pm - They asked us to take other ticket at their counter that will go to Temerloh. It is TRANSNATIONAL ticket which will depart on 2.15pm.

Our Journey Start.

Near toll Rawang, they exchange bus. The bus will go to various place; Taiping, Kuala Kangsar, Butterworth, Sungai Petani, Ipoh.

2.15am - Finally arrived Butterworth.

So, my ADVICE: NEVER EVERRRRRR BUY SWARNA BUMI TICKET except if you want to experience the DISASTROUS SUFFERING, indeed.


dewdrop said...

woah. and the girl explodes

Nadia Ponomareva said...

I don’t like complaining, I don’t want to spend time on it, but if I don’t tell about such busters as "Swarna Bumi" (they sell tickets on "Sri Maju" buses), they will go on making their dirty deals...
In short, we have been fucked up with our tickets for bus from Kuala Perlis to Kuala Lumpur, that is, none of carriers or drivers recognized our tickets to be on their buses, none provided seats for us, we had to stay a night in a motel near the station, and come back by our own means.

At Pudu Central, we went to ill-fated office to refund our expenditures (on bus, hotel, taxi we had to take). We stayed there longer than an hour convincing, calling, waiting for calls back, listening to accusations and fooling words. Finally we got a refund of RM 86 (also beware that they sell it at RM 45, though price on a ticket is RM 43).

Nobody said “sorry”, we lost RM 264, and more importantly we spent almost 2 days on a road, got tired, got miserable impressions of companies operations and people not caring about customers.

Dear Friends!

If you decide to go by bus, please do not buy tickets from the wicked companies like: Swarna Bumi, Sri Maju. And if you pass their office, spit or show middle finger towards their direction (I am joking, but there is some truth). Please share this info with your friends, as deserving people should not be treated like faulty idiots: "you were late for the bus... you missed the bus...everybody got seated, except of you?... you didn’t call... you didn’t asked..."

Cheah Suhail said...

Omg !!! I bought the ticket for my grandma. She is old and need exchange bus. This and that. I felt so insecure when I bought it. What u r saying is all truth ! I wanted to buy transnational but is my faulty coz the guy approach me first and I agree bcoz I scared no bus. And now almost 9 h haven't reach perlis which only takes 6h. I was just praying that nth will happen. :(

Mona Lieza said...

Same happen to me n my fiance... Very bad service!!!! I did col to make complaints but da PIC not answer da col...

Anonymous said...

Yeah same for me and my friends just now.After we stop at TBS, the bus supposed to send us straight to Putrajaya Sentral , as printed on our ticket. But upon our arrival at TBS , THE BUS DRIVER TELL US TO GET OUT OF THE BUS AND WE NEED TO CHANGE THE BUS TO A PLUSLINER BUS !! .I mean wtf do we need to change the bus ? Not to mention the time printed for departure was at 2pm but the bus come at the station at 2.30 pm. GG SWARNA BUMI , BLACKLISTED .