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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Unfair System for Batch Triple One IIUM Kuantan


watashi wa genki jyanai!!
just to say something very short.
they want to send the year 1 pharmacist girl to tabari.
when we want to object, they said it is unfair because your friends are there already.
so, if you want to deal about FAIR,
how about those senpai aka seniors????
is it fair?
why only us?
if it you want to talk about fair, all those senpai need to experience living at tabari too.
not only triple one batch only.
why not place the nursing student there at tabari because they don't even have soo many class in campus??

other reason being given from office:

it is their system that triple one need to be outside + easy for principal to do their job.
hey, chotto*!
what is the job requirement for principal? isn't their job is to take care for us because we PAY them.
so, why we as the BOSS (who pay them) need to ease their job? why not create the SYSTEM that will ease their job? who create the system by the way?

iium is not perfect by the way. but at least they need to listen to student as we are part of them. we are the one who is involved in their decision. so, whenever you have decision, please explain clearly to us and give SOLID reason why you did something.

just try think and image, how would you feel if you are using the most  fastest up-to-date laptop but one day, some people stole/change your laptop to the most worst laptop. how would you feel? if you never get the best ever laptop, it is okay for you. but if you have experience it, you will NOT be OK. that's it.

*atsumo = really really reallyyyyyyyy
*chotto = wait a minute

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