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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Do subtitles like in anime & Video recorder

げんき です か?

If you like to watch anime, you will see there is intriguing/ 'catching' subtitles everywhere. So, how did they do?
well, i will just guess what type of software they used :

Have you ever know this software? If you have time, try to explore and teach me how to use this. haha I don't have enough time to explore one by one (plus easy to get bored because not really like to do this stuff =p). Anyway, i still would like to know and use this. I will try to translate an english video by using this softwareeeeee.... I've try this many times but....... i just playing around again.

i just found this blog teaching how to use this software. but this is in indonesian. http://abizmalhasan.blogspot.com/2010/07/tutorial-aegisub-bikin-subtitle-video.html

Next, i've posted an article saying about screen recorder. I just found screen recorder named:

Desktop Recorder

what is important is that, this software is
2. Able to record in HIGH QUALITY (it can even record youtube video / i'm satisfied with its performance)
3. Able to select any window that you want
4. Not require much space on disk 

this can only be used in Ubuntu aka free OS just by installing it through Software Update Centre

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