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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Easy Way for Sharing / Transfer files Using Samba from Ubuntu 11.04 to Windows

Assalamualaikum mina~
Today i would like to share with you how to transfer or share files with others.
Let say, one person is using Ubuntu and the other friend is using Windows.
Now, both of them want to transfer files without the need to use external stuff like pendrive or whatsoever.

Before I begin, why did I use Samba instead of others like Bluetooth, external hard disk or pendrive?
Well, I guess, it is because this is easier for me to share files without disturbing me (while i'm doing other stuff). Plus, your friend (who is using Windows) can easily check the folder that I've shared (give permission) + copy or paste any file that you prefer + prevent virus from spreading into your/my computer + many more that you can list here if you like it! =)

There are 5 steps involved:

1st, you need to install Samba on your Ubuntu. As I'm using Ubuntu 11.04, so I will be more on Ubuntu. I don't know about other free OS.

For windows, you do not need any software.

2nd, both of you need to connect to the same Wifi (same network).

3rd,, click connection information so that you will get your IP Address. This is one method to get you IP. Another method is by using Terminal. Just type 'ip addr' then press "Enter".


4th: Open Samba > Add directory (folder that you would like to share with the others). Dont forget to set the permission and its visibility. For your information, people who know your ip adress also can retrieve or see your files in the shared folder if they connect to the same network. Up to this point, if you are using Ubuntu, it is finished.

Now it is time for Windows.
5th:  Open any folder. As you can see in the picture below, write your IP Address there. This is how you need to write.
Don't forget to put two back slash in the front and one back slash at the back.

Lastly, press Enter. You will be able to get assess the folder that your friend shared just now.
Arigatou gozaimasu~

Any question?  It is easy isn't it? So, if you are thinking on using Ubuntu, why not try now? It is far more better than Windows. Windows can't do the this (the above thing that I teach you). Only free OS can do this. Even when your Windows get affected by virus, you can use Ubuntu (or other free OS) to treat / recover your system.


*source: my father* ^^

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