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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Virtual Identity

みな こんにちわ!

I want to tell some story.
One day, a girl received phone call by someone.
The caller said that she have done something wrong which is actually the girl doesn't even realise that it is wrong.
Maybe the girl is also wrong because she did not concern about the rule.
But one thing is actually, why did you still accuse somebody who do not know that 'it' is wrong?
Claimed that you are 'ISLAM' but your behaviour does not even show you are practicing islamic teaching. Islam will not punish those who do not know but we need to learn in detail when we realise it.

so furiousssss ( `´)===C<*_+ ) *&%$@#$^*!*)(&&&%$#
ほんとう に だいきらい。。。あなた やくいん(いいうM)!!!!

hahahaaa... going half-crazy

you..you...you really like to take student money huhhhhh??
summon more as much as possible to your so-called 'beloved' students.  it is only the written law that said they will treat student as your customers but actually the person-in-charge(officer) is the other way around.

maybe you as the reader will not understand what i'm talking about, but i just want to speak it out.
I want to tell the world that even if you have the title Muslim or Islam, but you do not practiced the teaching, you SHOULD NOT be called as such. The same goes with other religion; Christian, Buddhist or Hindu. They should not be called as such if they do not practice. Quick example: if Pope do not follow what Tuti is saying, can you say that Pope is the follower of Tuti (Tutism)?

Don't talk down to others even though you are much older or at high position than the person you are talking. Respect them as they are your brothers and sisters.

# I am in the process of removing all my personal informationn on the net so that if any person want to search about me, you wont be able to do so. Only close friends know me. So, i'm free to talk here as much as like. It is because you know what,  i heard that there is people who has been suspended by their university/college/work/etc when they criticised their company/school/college/university. Actually, criticism is good for them because if we do not criticised them, how can they take action. Most of the agency/etc will not do any action if the news do not spread wider. At least, people will know about each things from two sides (supporters and why and who dislike them) and then  you can judge wisely.

またね~ \\・・\\


dewdrop said...

yaaa. haha. marah benda apa plak?
fashobrun jameel ;)

shizune said...

haha.. rahsia2.
nnt calling2 km cerita. hehe
naam2. fashobrun jameel. ^^