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Saturday, January 28, 2012

6 Natural Remedy and Prevention of Diseases

1. bile of the earth (pokok hempedu bumi) aka Andrographis paniculata is good at treating AIDS besides good at treating other diseases.

2. very ripe banana has its own natural antibiotic property.

very ripe banana is like number 7. some of the 'skin' changes color
3. eating small sliced of beetroot is good at increasing our blood pressure immediately [compared to prune & salad](especially those with low blood pressure).

4. pokok tenom (i dont know its correct spelling and in english) is good at preventing&treating cancer.

5. drinking/eating sliced key lime (limau nipis) is also good at preventing cancer.

6. kiwi also good in increasing blood pressure.

*source: doctor homeopathy. i just get this today when my doctor tells story about this. very informative.

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