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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Non-Smokers Also Smokes, Suffering from CO

 Why do I say so as in the title above?
How can non-smokers produces smoke? Where is it come from?
Let me tell you.
Those who has their own vehicles (cars or motorcycle) !
Why suddenly I want to talk about this?

This is because i'm suffering from the smoke every morning when my neighbours start their vehicles. Their ekzos (forgot how to spell this word)  is facing directly to our house and eventhough no wind blowing, the CARBON MONOXIDE (which is very poisonous + dangerous + bind to red blood cell permanently which can cause death due to lack of oxyen if it exceed the limit) will be easily entered to our house.

[my mother has told them so many times about this but then they do it again]

I'm suffering!!!! My olfactory epithelium is very sensitive, even little amount of gaseous can be easily detected.

So, to those who has your own vehicles, please consider others when you start your engines. You are torturing others feeling without realizing this. Even though you really like to smell the smokes(i say so because sometimes people just ignore and keep smelling the smoke), please reconsider about others.

 I more thing.
There was one time when I take SHAMISHA bus for going back to home from Pahang to Penang.
The co-driver keep smoking in the air-cond bus and it is estimated that he had smoke for more than 3 cigarettes! OMGGGG.
You know what?
I feel like want to jump out of the bus through the windows at that time. Better to die than smelling the cigarette smoke.

I also feel like want to say to him like this,
"Hey, if you want to die quickly, just die alone and peacefully. Don't let others suffer with so many kind of respiratory-related-disease in this world".

How can he smokes happily in the closed bus? Why are you so addicted to 'death'? I wonder why smokers really loves that stuff? The cigarettes smoke also stink. All of your body stinkkkkkkkkk

Please lah.. Secondary smokers has high risk than you.
K, that's all. Jaane~~~ ^^

# Just change my url from http://epenang.tk to http://nikonikoshizune.tk
want to look like more japanese i think. lol \^^/

CO = short form for carbon monoxide

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