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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Making Cheese Bread - produced by Power Director 10

Hi, konnichiwa.

Now, let us watch how to make cheese bread. Watch the video below.
cheeseyy frenzyyy

This is my second time producing video using PowerDirector 10. At first, I thought it will be kinda hard to learn by myself. But once i start trying, it proves to be superrrb easy. (although i say it is easy, you need to have very high curiousity and not easy to give up because sometimes i also feel bored. haha =p)

Feel free to comment anything. Actually in this video, i totally forgot about the flow of the recipe. Im too focusing on the animation. btw, i hope that you guys able to understand. Ask if got any question.

that's all. see ya next timeeee


dewdrop said...

punya bnyaaak cheese.sedapnyaaa :(
tp gula kt dough mmg saja letak byk?

Naoto said...

omg, you r super awesome, shizuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im amazes o___________o

사키나 said...


hehe.. yep. sj letak byk sbb suka mkn manis2. lgpun roti tu xmanis sgt.. tapi lepas bakar xdk la manis sgt. sedemolek <--- pandai dk baca ikut tajwid nih.. hahahha

사키나 said...


\(^ ^)/
you can do it the same if you play around like me too... haha

Hana Nawwara said...

wan,sedapnyaaaaaaaaaa.....terlioqq aku...

사키나 said...

buat la sendiri..
confirm puas hati makan. :)