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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally....able to connect to IIUM Wireless through Ubuntu

Hello, konnichiwa, assalamualaikum...

After waiting for a very long time and having so many tries, finally i'm able to connect to wireless iium through Ubuntu eventhough i only registered for Windows7. The story is actually started when i want to register for wireless for the first time. The person at IT department said that they only allow one matric number per one OS. So, i was a bit surprised. I am thinking what is the purpose for doing such system? There are some 'genius' students who has more than one OS in their laptop. So, why restricted it?

So, im wondering around the Ubuntu and try as many ways to do that. And finally the day has come. May be it was luck or better for me to say that, It was Allah who want to give the idea to me. Yesterday, the internet like to disconnect without reason. But today, thanks goodness, it was smoothhh!! aha =))

NEXT, I want to share the connection information regarding iium-community wireless. maybe when anybody want to do something, you will need such info.

If they asked for CA certificate, just search through your computer C:/Program files (x86) / IIUMWifi

There, you will find file with *.cer

That's all. Jaane~~~

*however, sometimes, it still auto disconnect..what is the problem? Can i 'hack'  or in a polite word, do something so that it wont happen again? Please tell me if anybody knows. Onegaishimasuuuu

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