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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hacking stuff

This time i want to share with all of you about hacking stuff.

First is about USB hidden copier.
Do you know that I can copy everything on your disk just by plug in pendrive?
The program inside the pendrive will work automatically copying files / folder / etc according to what we have set before. It is soooo simple & easy.

Why am I telling this? I'm not encouraging you to do this to your enemy but just to make sure that you know what the hacker/enemy will and able to do.

There are lots of software in the net which you can use it. For example like this one http://www.technize.com/usb-hidden-copier-v11-released/

Second, is about cracking windows password.
There is hacking program which can be used to break your windows password. Ophcrack is one of the example. You can go to this link to see the software that can be used to break through.

So, for precaution, make sure to use password combination words, numbers, and code...The longer are the best.

Third, is about screen recorder.
This is not that dangerous but just becareful for those who are using public computer / computer with unknown owner/ your enemies computer. This is because maybe they are recording everything what you do in the computer. Care should be taken especially when you are typing your password or opening any personal information.

Ok, that's all. Mata ne~~~


dewdrop said...

If there's a way of cracking the pswd, will making the pswd longer n more complex make any difference? Can't the pswd be cracked that way?

shizune said...

of course there is difference maa... sbb program tu mcm guna probability la jg.. dia akan cuba mcm2 combination. jadi susah skit nak hack. kalau dia try byk kali sgt, slalunya akan diblock scra automatik..sbb kbykan bnda (cth mcm email) akan block kita kalau kita dah try lebih had maximum..

tapi kan, lupa nak ckp, 1 lg, kalau nak selamat juga, letak password kat OS trus. mksdnya, sblum start windows, dia mnta password dah. haha... yg ni ganas skit. sbbnya, kalau mpa lupa password dia, trus xblh guna..kena tukar trus yg baru.