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Monday, July 02, 2012

Adobe After Effect & Video Making

Hello Konnichiwa Ni Hao Assalamualaikum

As the title above, you must be thinking that i'll talk about video software.
Yes, of course! haha

Do you have the latest Adobe After Effect which is CS6? If not, install now.
Ask me if you want to remove the trial version. I know how to do it. Its easy.
Just require 1 simple step.

I have no idea at all on how to start using AE..So, how and where should I begin?
I've found lots of tutorial on doing kinetic typography & montage.
This is what i'm for. I want to expert in these two things first.
Only after this i will search other tutorial to explore more.

But i'll not forget my beloved Cyberlink Power Director 10!
I still need you to make video before i'm expert in using AE..

Just want to tell mina that i've download sooooo many background music. haha this shorten my time in producing any video.. other thing is that, if you want to find background, i recommend you to search with this keyword 'abstract background' because i like this kind of background.

For music, use this key word, 'instrumental, soundtrack, OST, free background music'. How to find such gorgeous sound effect? You need to be patient and just follow the link and remember to see the keyword on the video (i'm searching in youtube).

For video animation, use key word, 'HD video animation, flourish flower, free animation background'. For your information, if you are creative enough, you can create by yourself. Just use Flash and it is done. But, as we dont have enough time to create everything by ourself, so, just use what others have done. Just done forget to give credit to the owner.

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