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Saturday, July 21, 2012

NoGAPS 2012

Ni hao.

Now i wanna share my activity for the past 5 days..from 16-19th July...which is called National Pharmacy Gathering aka NoGAPS..held at UITM Puncak Alam..
those numbers are places where we keep moving here and there
overall are exciting and so much fun as i get many friends and broaden my knowledge on pharmacy karier..

their facilities are really great! thumbs up! anyway, their stairs are nightmares. haha.. cause there are 250 stairs which we need to climb everytime you are going from hostel to the faculty. other than that, we need to climb that stairs F.I.V.E.times during explorace! yes, 5x.. for only within 3 hours.. so, multiply 250 by 5 and you will get 1250 stairs! anyway, it will keep you fit and no need to worry on gaining weight when you stay there. lol

my group members for Forest Green aka Group 3 . Miss all of you!
(p/s: i just simply copy paste from the kit they send to us and of course my name is not there because i'll never expose my identity to public)

Nur Atikah Hasman Yusri
Wan Nurshakira Bt Wan Abd Hamed
Nur Amirah Bt Khalil
Aimi Fadzlina Binti Ahameed Tarmizi
Lim Li Xin
Malini Mahendran
Sanggetha Somasundram
Nurul Syuhdah bt Zakaria
Anis Afiqah binti Abdul Ghani
Wan Zuhaira Amirah W.Amran
Goh Jing Yi
Thiviya a/p Palani
Ong Jeng Nee
Lim Wen Yi
Marcela Safratova
Charles Uni
Nur Syafiqah Mohd Jeffri

there are 3 workshop that we need to choose and therefore, i choose kitchen workshop. i'm thinking something else about this workshop but surprisingly, we need to cook something. each group consist of 5 people from different uni.


my group  need to prepare food for diabetes melittus patient by using rice as the main dishes. Other group got osteoporosis, gout and etc..i couldnt remember everything la..

At first, we didnt know what kind of dishes are suitable for such patient. but then, the host start saying, 20 minutes starts  now!.. omgggg...haha
so,  me & my friend (Hamizah CUCMS) start to pick up at random all the food that we think we suppose to use...chicken, squid, prawn..

then, for the sauce, we use oyster sos, chili sos, tomato sos..

 after a while, the host says: "5 MINUTES LEFT"

whattt???? we did not even start cook yet.. then i quickly add chopped onion and garlic and start frying..next, add everything into the pan and wait until completely cook.

Now, present to you our food~
suppose to be paprik however, all of us didnt know the exact ingredients for paprik. so this is actually mixing of everything.

Reason of using brown rices: because the release of glucose will be a bit slow and so, it will maintain our blood glucose level at normal rate. if we are using normal rice, the blood glucose for diabetic patient will rise abruptly and this is dangerous.

However, our dish is a bit sweet because of chili sos. haha..we dont even put any salt & sugar. even the judges complains that ours are bit sweet but this is practical to be given to patient although it is bit costly because of one big chili for each serving! haha
prizes for winning the category for RICE. we didnt expect at all because we dont even have time to think on what type of food we are supposed to cook! haha


Our community services is a bit different from usual because we went to kindergarden. Our group went to Nur Prisma kindergarden. We need to teach them the correct way of washing our hand and some of the disease related to us. Me and my friend teach 2 class which is 6 years old. One class is soo talkative but the others are soooo silent. i guess they are too shy or maybe scared! hahahaaa

silent class

forest green aka group 3 with all the Nur Prisma students..

mind relaxant. can we drink? afraid whether it is halal or not.
Ok, that's all that i want to share with all of you. Other things, just keep with me la.. no need to tell every details maa..



dewdrop said...

kak tikah hasman yusri.
i know her, from karate hehe.
btw. i CHOSE kitchen workshop. bukan choosed. >:(


tp memang bunyi sgt best.
kalo engin pun ada program mcm ni, mesti best
cuma sure2 takdak masak2 kot

사키나 said...

sebenarnya ada lagi nk cerita.
tapi malas nak taip panjang2.. xdk energy. haha

ada satu lg aktiviti nm creactive U. kena blakon..haha..

okeh, dah tukar dah jd choose. main tulis ja..xreti grammar2 ni..

engin pun mst ada gk..ni mcm psatuan dia buat. weh, tau dak, tahun depan akn ad prog kat jepun. mcm nk p..tapi xsure parents bg ke tak..hahaaa

dewdrop said...

Wah best tu! Try ja mntk. Dpt x dpt tu lain crita. Tp try ja tny parents dulu. Bkn slalu pluang

shizune said...

memang igt nk minta.
tapi chances nk dpt pelepasan parents tu sangatlah rendah..haha.. + kos dia confirm tinggi + nak p dgn kwn yg baik la..haha..

tapi tu la..kena tgk dlu mcm mn..:D
tahun depan..lmbt lg..

yap peng yew said...

Where is NoGAPS will be held for next year?

사키나 said...

they have not decide it yet..