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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Uniqueness of people

There are some people ( but i guess most of people especially teenager/young adult) out there loves to try everything. They will grab any opportunity that come across as if they have more than 24 hours per day!

so, i just want to express my 'wonderness' (bahasa sopan skit. haha) about their work.
If you are one of them, can you tell me how you concentrate & focus on each tasks that you have and get? Will you be able to give 100%  comittment on your task?
What is your aim?
Would not you be like doing something with complacency?
Sometimes you will do other things which is actually very important for you, carelessly.
Are you be able to hold like that for a long term? 

Bukan kah lebih bagus kalau fokus satu benda & buat dengan terbaik sesuatu benda?

Manusia adalah unik. Macam-macam ragam. :)

Zai jian.

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