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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doubtful on Something (especially videos)


Wanna write it short.
When you get a story or watch any videos especially on Youtube or any other website, make sure not to spread or share on facebook IF IF IF let say you don't know anything about what exactly happen.

Let say the video is showing somebody fighting for something. Don't just spread and say :
"See, no body is helping him".

That is the only one point of view. If i want to think the other way, i can say :
"Maybe the other is a criminal who has done something to the other. That's why he get it back now"

Look at how people will think.
This is like a reminder for me la.. I feel that ive done something vely vely wrong la ter'share' at my social site..
Next time, i'll make sure i wont share anything like that..
Not good la.. but what a relief my otousan give an advice at the correct time so that im able to remove it before many people seeing that nerve wrecking video..haha

so, make sure to only spread & share true stories..

that's all.
jaane~ matane~

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