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Friday, August 31, 2012

Learn Pharmacy & Be Part of Pharmacist!

Mina-san konnichiwa..

Curious & want to know more about learning pharmacy?
Want to know what do pharmacy degree learn?
Why not follow me on googleplus.
I'll try to share everything about pharmacy..
Get more knowledge about your drug (medicine) so that you will leave healthily ever after.. haha

some people may say that learning pharmacy is a tough job.
but chotto~!
is there anything easy if the 'outcome' is soooooo good?
tell me and i surely want to stop learning immediately.
even eating require us to chew & swallow the food. It is tough for those with denture (gigi palsu)..
just forgot about denture thing.. if you have fever, you will not have appetite to eat and the caregiver need to push/force you to eat.. not easy to eat la..

sooooo...just learn because you are "knowledge-obsseser"! bear that in mind. when you find difficulties while understanding something, that will make you reaaaaally love because that is the best part of learning.. you will get bored when all things are so easy lo.. try experience lo..

ok..that's all. matane~

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