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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maru's Fan

Ni hao..

Anybody here loves cat? If you do, you must know who is Maru!! haha
This is the blog about Maru
tsukareta maru

I have saved all the cutiepie of maru's action in my laptop and uploaded it to my facebook account.
So, if you want to get all the picture, just go to this link..

and....you are free to subscribe to my updates especially about cats~~~

just i thing to let you know that i dont approve anybody that i dont know..
but sometimes i will approve anybody that i think i should...gomen neeeeee... haha

one more, my subscribers is increasing slowly.. and most of them found my fb account because i post it on Maru's fb fan page..
usually people wont add me (and me too) because my profile information is a bit confusing...
i intentionally do like just for fun..hhaahaaaa

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