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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Elective Courses in BoP

Assalamualaikum..Konnichiwa..Ni hao~

Today, we have briefing about our elective courses..
My university and more specifically our batch has new silibus starting from 2011..

You know what, we will have offcampus study on Year 4 Semester 2 which our seniors don't have it! haha
First 2 month - practice at hospital, then next 2 month - practice at industry..
When i listen briefing from Dr Haniki, i was like...


it is because:

1. no need to listen to lecture anymore..no need to stay in the lecture hall..
2. no need to be worry with pop quiz etc...
3. no need to meet the same people everyday
4. what important is that no need to stay at pahang~~ yoyoooo ( that doesn't mean i don't like to stay here.. but if ican choose, i prefer penang, kelantan or other states more haha if we can choose outside malaysia is better.. #dreaming)

Plus, we able to choose our own place to practice either public or private and our department will give us the letter.. So, up to us where we want to practice.. actually, i dont really like to remember stuff too much..sick of it! haha..

One more, if we want to take elective course during sem 2 Year 4, we will have long distance study (pengajian jarak jauh)..no lecture at all..study by yourself..get lecture notes online..omgg...i'm thinking about this..should i take or not..

We also need to choose either to take hospital attachment or community posting. We will take this during Year 3 Sem 3. We can't choose both.. T.T (sad) haha but i guess i want to take hospital attachment.. want to get experience first before thinking about opening my own shop...?

After listening to this, i feel like..when i'm going to graduate...haha...still very long journey..3 more years to go.. please focus on study and gaining knowledge.. it is more enjoyable & fun to study than working..

You can take Nuclear Pharmacy which you will learn about radioactive / radionuclide..

*BoP stands for Bachelor of Pharmacy.

Ok, that's all. Jaane~ Matane~ Zaijian~

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