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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reminder and Self Motivation

Konnichiwa. Assalamualaikum. Ni hao. Genki?
Today i would like to share what i get from somebody. It is just for our self-motivation.

Here are the 9 things i would like to share:

1. Dont easily give up. Once you give up, syaitan win. Remember that, syaitan win if we give up. So, never give up.

2. The phrase 'its too late to change' is not acceptable. It is only accepted once we are at the Day of Judgement. If we are still living & breathing, there is always thousand of chance&opportunity to change. All depends on you!

3. Don't critic & lower down yourself.. Be matured in handling problem. Who will entertain you if not yourself? People will not entertain you all the time but you can. So, beside thinking positive to others, dont forget to think positively about yourself. :)

5. Allah count 'process' not result.If u died while struggling to change to be a better person, insyallah you'll be rewarded. Human will never be able to see this.

6. Everybody know that each person has their own weakness. But thats is not the problem for those who are matured enough. Actually,our main weakness is that, we are keep repeating the same mistake from kindergarden till now and never trying to face/solve the challenges/problems.  So, lets face the challenge positively &solve our problem. U'll much better. You will be seem as if a very perfect person & having no problem in your life. Trust me. Try to do first & allah will help you the rest.

7. Be rational in everything that you do. Ask yourself, 'why i do that? What is the hikmah/reason of doing that?'. Never doing something blindly, without knowing the reason. We are human & Allah give us 'aqal to think&ponder.

After this,  never make problem coming as a big obstacles. Its just our ajinomoto in life. Our life wont be tastier if we are not having that. Won't it be boring if all people in this world are behaving like you?thinking like what you think... or maybe all are lazy like you... Ahhh...so bored...dont you?

7. Its okay to act as if you are good person because thats one of our way of learning. Each person has their own way to change. Never use this negative word-hipokrit.

Hipokrit only apply to those whose intention is bad. We never know others intention. So, dont judge people laa.. only allah is a Good Judger.

8. Find right person to tell & solve your problem. Never slip your problem under the carpet & never let your problem just go away like the perfume.. if Lyna can't answer your question, find other person. Lyna isn't the only person in this world, you have thousands millions of people to tell&ask, IF YOU WANT.. ;)

9. Dont forget that allah is in between your way & the one that help you. Humankind is just a tool.
Zai jian...Matane...


mutiara bd said...

hello.. ini semua berbau dr.. R! heh?! believe it or not.

shizune said...

waahhh terer nya mung teka..
apa ciri2 yg menunjukkan bau R?
sempoi la..ada sixth sense ka?hahaha