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Friday, November 02, 2012

Review GalaxyChat BT-5330

Assalamualaikum. Konnichiwa. Wan shang hao.

Ok. As you can see the title, i'll make some review about galaxychat. (i compare with other samsung phone)

ok, this smartphone just launch around august 2012 which mean it is just about 3 month old. From what i have used until now, i'm satisfied with this phone. This phone is about the same like blackberry. It has keypad and touch screen. Ok, here i list what i have noticed the differences or i could say unique about this phone than other phone that i have ever try.

1. Have QWERTY keypad like blackberry PLUS if sometimes you want to have feeling of writing touch screen keypad, just turn on the setting in the phone. so, you will enjoy typing. But for me la, i only prefer touch screen when i'm bit 'rajin'. but most of the time, no la.. i want to write faster.. waste of time type delete type delete.. bored.. haha

2. the phone separate between SMS and calling sound. Which mean, if you feel annoy with soooo many sms, or message from whatsapp, facebook, yahoo, etc.. you can just turn of the notification. Bear in mind that the calling sound is not turn off.. You can mute, or set to vibrate mode for calling sound. This setting is good for those who i should say, 'heavychatters'. haha :p

3. about receiving MMS thing. I'm not sure whether other phone also like this or not. But you can just receive MMS without turning on the packet / mobile data. Free of charge. I know some of the samsung phone need to open packet data in order to receive MMS which is a bit tiresome la..

4. Restart function!.. sounds bit like computer isn't it? It is first time i know this thing. What happen if you restart? You will regain more memory space. memory space is only about 445mb and there is one time when the memory is going to full. I open task manager and kill all running apps and close everything but still i cannot get more space. So, i try to restart and guess what? Memory used back to 225mb only which is about the same as when i just bought the phone eventhough i have install and add so many things inside.

5. and the price for the smartphone is affordable. not too expensive. suitable to students and those who just want to use for listening music, calling, 'sms'ing, eBook, and all other simple2 stuff. No need to buy like iPhone which is expensive but you not really userfriendly. Not easy to understand. But it maybe okay for those who are familiar.

6. the camera is bit lack. only 2MP. but its okay. nowadays we dont really used phone camera. we play with DSLR and its standard right...? haha..

7. Android version is 4.0.4.(Ice cream sandwich?) according to salesman that i bought this phone, it is the same version as in samsung SIII. the latest one is 4.1.

8. It can share apps.. good than galaxy note which have no function for sharing apps.

9. you can set reminder for the message that you have not read. how many times to remind, sound notification for reminder, duration, and etc.. (but i guess this is because i'm using Handcent apps loh..haha )

10. Has GPS. But you need to install Papago M9. The latest one. not PapagoMX5 cuz it old version.

11. LCD screen. Not AMOLED like other Samsung phone. The quality may be bit low and you can see the screen at very bright sunlight.. You need to increase brightness and then you able to see. That's the drawbacks of LCD. All LCD will be like that. That's why we cant see using LCD projector if the condition is not completely dark.

ok, that's all about my finding. will add more later if i found something new..

zai jian. sayounara.

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