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Monday, March 25, 2013

Poster Workshop

Assalamualaikum, Konnichiwa, Ni hao.

Today, i would like to talk about poster workshop that i attend last 2 weeks.
I was surprised when i look at the name of the tutor. It is because there are some programme that i need to contact with her but i don't know her in person. haha

so, the workshop start from 8.30am till 2.15pm which is very tiresome. My brain was like chronically exhaustion of glucose. We learn how to make the poster from scratch and she teach one by one. Some of us which can catch up faster and some are bit slow. Anyway, i'm at moderate speed.

Ok, here is my work. So far this is the best that i can done but still need to improve a lot. I'm still beginner and not really creative. So, i need to learn by watching how others making very good poster. We are using Corel Paintshop Pro X5.

My frst try

My second try - I'm big fan of Maru!

My third try - unfinished poster because of time-constraint. But i also could not finished it until now because too busy with studying lorh. Doing this will take my glucose sooo much. haha

Practice makes perfect.
Ok, that's all.


Gula "gulaley" Kapas said...

Apa projek seterusnya? ^_^

Shizune Otani said...

projek seterusnya ialah revise balik apa yg dah belajar. sbb confirm dah byk lupa..haha