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Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Dont Need Others, I Have Everything

Assalamualaikum, Konnichiwa, Ni Hao. :)

Ni hao ma? Genki desu ka? Hows your iman?
Ok, see the title above? Just straight forward to the point that I want to 'blabbering' today.
I've heard that somebody say,
I have everything, I don't need anyone to help me. I have money, i'm rich, i am genius, i am knowledgeable, i have a lot of energy, i can do almost everything and get everything that i want to. So, why do i need to be good to others, and lend a help to others.
Have you encounter such people? May be my sentences above is too much exaggerate or somewhat too hiperbola, but my point is, the people who just think about themself a.k.a. mementingkan diri sendiri. If you call yourself as a Muslim, do you practice the Islamic teaching to help others when you are above or far far better than others? Can you practice religion at only certain things and neglect the other part? Is the religion created by you or you follow what the the owner of the religion?

Ok, life is like a cycle. There is time when you are above than the others but you WILL NOT ALWAYS like that. That's life in this earth (except Allah want to test you and you lose in the test. Nauzubillah). Yes, it may be true that you have lots of money, very knowledgeable, very excellent in studies, and many more, but you know that Allah can take all the wealth, all the advantages that you have in just a second? Do you remember that? If Allah say kun faya kun, all your worldly things will diminish! So, who you are going to depends on at that time? May be some may say, 'just depend solely on God, God will help me.' Ya, it is very true but there is something missing. If you want to depend on God, you need to follow what Allah teach and ask you to do. And you have the responsibilities as a khalifah and servant of Allah to help and give contribution to society, to your friends, to your parents, and the most important to the ummah.

Can you plant the rice by yourself, and harvest by yourself? If you faint, can you go to hospital by yourself? If you want to have clothes, can you sew by yourself? If you die, can you bury yourself down? If you want somebody to talk and accompany you, can you just talk to yourself? If you have difficulty in understanding something, can you just crash up your brain and think by yourself? Can you? Can you?

So, is it clear now what my point is? Don't be too arrogant living in this world. We are no body if Allah don't rise up darjat. Allah even mention in Quran telling that don't be arrogant walking in this world (sorry i don't remember which verse and which chapter). If you want to be arrogant, create another world and live there. Don't live in earth that created by Allah.

Please, please, please consider others. If you are far better than other, please help the weak one. You may be good in studies, but in later life, in working life, in family life, who knows you will keep at that pace. Cheers~ :)))))

Jaane~ Zai jian~

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