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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Learn Arabic [Pic]


So, here i attached pictures of my arabic note. I'm taking Bahasa Arab Tingi during form 4 and form 5. When we learn this, we are able to understand some of the words in Quran and why the sentence is in that order. Eventhough I don't understand why I need to learn this subject, but I do enjoy. My teacher is soooo good in teaching and when i understand, I loves this subject.

Anyway, during SPM, Alhamdulillah praise to Allah, I got A for this subject. But surprisingly, i got A- for my native language! Shocking what...haha

Then, my advices are please practice or use what you have learnt. Otherwise you will forget everything . So sadddd :'( It's not easy to understand these, but sooo easy to forget once we don't use.

Finished! So, try to enjoy reading these arabic terms! Jaaa~~~

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