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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Worm, Ginseng, and SPICE [Pic]


Just want to upload these pictures - ginseng and worm or caterpillar?
We plant by ourselves.. My mum plant this. But we just throw it away because we don't eat this. However, there are belief that ginseng is good to us. They even make special kind of ginseng drink.

Ok, next picture is worm..You know what.. the worm knock my foot. Bikkurishita!! At firstm i think it is only a big ant. But, surprisingly biggggggg worm.. Nightmare!
That time, I'm gardening with my sister. Then while relaxing, those tiny little creature suddenly flying over. Haha..  my first time seeing those colorful big worm.

Next, picture SPICE or also known as PISA previously. I love this kind of building. Nature-friendly...Greennn... I wish most of places in this world is like this.. But say no to worm. Allergic.haha

These pictures were taken while I'm walking around this. So, if you like to go to a concert, this is the most popular stadium used for conCert purpose. Sometimes, I even can hear while I'm in my house. Soo loud..

This time while taking the pictures, spice in on construction. Not yet finished.. But, today on month January 2014, there various kind of cute animal mascot can be seen at the front of the building. There are even a horse statue that maybe resemble like the cat statue at Sarawak.

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