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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Designing Poster using Corel Paintshop Pro


Today is my last day holiday. Time flying soooo fast. I feel like it is only 1 day holiday eventhough actually it has been 3 weeks.

So, today I manage to design a poster after a very loooongggg time I want to do. Finally got enough courage to open the Corel and start designing. I'm not so creative like other designer.. But I have go to a workshop teach how to use Corel. So from there, I learn a bit which may be like 0.0001% design thing. haha

Unfortunately, i have forgot what the instructor told. Could not recall at all. So, i will try and error. So, here is how  very999x beginner person try to design poster.

At first, i don't know where to start. So, i just put all the information. Then, just try to play around, click here and there everywhere. so, here it goes:

So, this is the final one.... Any comment for beginner student??

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