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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Just short writing.

Who is the leader?
How do you choose a leader? Is it because he/she is the oldest? Most famous? Most handsome/beautiful? Or is it because he is talented and suited so much to be a leader? How about of all the people in the groups, none have the characteristic to be a leader?
Maybe, you can choose those who are willing to do. Next, choose those who have good in teamworks. If majority say no, the leader and only some minority disagree, an EXCELLENT + PROFESSIONAL LEADER should follow the majority voices.
It is kind of reminder to myself too. If I will be a leader one day, i should remember this. Otherwise, you are hurting many people's heart. Just be professional as best as possible.
Last note, please don't cheat or "twisting" information. It is kinda sooooo obvious that you are trying to twist the info to make it looks like to insist on people agreeing with you. Just be honest and accept it. Maybe small amount of money spent doesnt matter to you since you got lots of money. Have you ever think of other people who are poor and use the scholarship wisely.
Im just hoping that friendship is not just pretending to be nice to each other. Friendship for the sake of Allah. 

Oyasumiii!!! Haha

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