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Friday, April 18, 2014

Visit CCRC (PUSPEN) Gambang

My post today is somewhat like diary telling my experience visiting CCRC. It is one of the requirement for my subject to go visit and interview with the person there.
In a small group, we interviewed a ganja user who is also from Felda. He has been in and out for many times because of the drug issue. For him, it is easy to get the supply and easy to use since he has no money problem.
The most important issue that I really want to highlight here is :
(if the person really want to quit. if they don't, it is not easy to persuade them since they themselves need to have desire to stop first & then people surrounding can help)
They feel embarrased and shy to meet people outhere. They have inferiority complex. His family do not even know what happen to him. From his story, he has not very good relationship with family members and he thinks that it is better to be on his own. He did not even meet his family for almost 7 years.

What make me surprise is that he knows about the dose he should take not to exceed certain limit, not to use or share syringe, not to sell drug to kids. He has his own ambition but since their family is very poor at that time, he finished school early at the age around 12 years old.. That time, he start mingling with drug and try most of the famous drug. He also do not believe in methadone. He said, "methadone is a tool to kill the drug abuser by government. It is really hot after taking that". I'm not sure about its truth. But need to check for the truth first.
He also said that he loves to be in the CCRC rather than living outside. They have no friends, no support, and do not know where to go when they discharged from CCRC. Most of them have too much free time and they do not know how to fill with good activities. So, it is our duty to try to make some activities targeting such people (people who are in observation period by AADK)
It is really cruel if you supply drug to drug abuser. It really destroying people. The drug destroy people's life.
If you are a Muslim, please go to surau or mosque and meetg people there. If you dont know where to go, please find any Muslim NGO. Just dont mingle around with your old friends.
Being jailed in prison or going to rehabilitation centre does not mean they are bad person for the whole life until death. They are still human who are just showing their humanity doing wrong things and get caught. It is our duty to help them, nourish them with ruhiyah things. Let them learn Islam in details. Channel them to learn Islam and loves the Creator, Allah swt.

For the next post, when i have time, i want to share my story visiting Tasik Kenyir with classmates for the subject Pharmacognosy. Chotto neeeeee.....

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