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Friday, June 27, 2014

CPR Course


Just want to share my short notes about CPR- cardiopulmonary resuscitation that i have jot down during lecture last semester. This is the continuation from First aid 1. Some of the pictures I take from lecture note from the previous semester.

-Hypoxia>ishchemia>necrosis>infarction -4min max hypoxia to survive. Start cpr b4 4 minute
-Normal : 60-100pulse per min
-Sign of no life: Impalpable, no breathing, pupil dilated and fixed.
-head tilt chin lift for nontrauma
-jaw thrust for trauma
-Check circulatory at the neck.
- Press hard n fast, allow chest to recoild 30 compression by 2 half inches, 2 tiup (2min) x buat smpai half an hour/patient respons
-hv pulse/bantuan smpai
-Seal mulut utk adult / Seal nose utk infant
-Head tilt chin lift.
* Klu trauma, guna jaw thrust
-2 condition for defibrillation :pulseless VT &VF ventricular fibrillation(shockable-bg defibrillation)
However, ventricular tachycardia blh jd ada pulse (ada rhythm) or pulseless
-asystole bg CPR. jgn defib
- bila dh sedar, letak dalam recovery position

First aid box
For more detail explanation, you can google and search for American CPR guideline.
For baby who are choking, the produre to manage is about the same as CPR for baby at the beginning.

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