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Monday, June 30, 2014

Recipe Yogurt

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa
Lets learn how to make yogurt today!
Ingredients needed are:

1. Full cream milk powder Fernleaf (around 6-8 table spoon. If you put too much, it is okay. But waste money a bit lar..then more time you need to incubate at room temperature also)
2. Warm water

# You can also use fresh milk. So, if use fresh milk, just heat until warm and proceed to step 3.

3. Yogurt (1 cup/1 mangkuk) or also called as "ibu yogurt". Quantity is up to you. But do not put too little.

First, mix milk powder with hot water until form solution. Then, heat it until boiling and off the heat. Wait until it warm (suam-suam kuku). If it is too hot, some of the bacteria will die and the yogurt form will not be "ketul2". Then put in the yogurt. Then close the container with the cover. Wrap the container with piece of cloth fully. Do this at night. Leave it at room temperature for a night from 9pm-7.30am. Then you can see the yogurt is formed as in the picture. Then, keep in the refrigerator....and...itadakimasu...chifan lor...  
Just use periuk to mix and heat and keep overnight at room temperature. Have a try and drop a comment if you have try. :)

!!!Precaution!!!! Use stainless steel container because if you keep on making yogurt using non-stainless steel one, it may form hole because of acidity of yogurt i guess.

 Special TIP  from me : Make sure to take the solid part of the 'ibu yogurt'. Do not take the watery yogurt. If you take watery part, you won't get good nice texture of the 'daughter yogurt'. hihi


Skeri Arrie said...

Saya ingin bertanya tentang buku dalam library cik. Boleh tak contact saya. Skeri.arrie@gmail.com

Shizune Otani said...

ya. kenapa ya dengan buku tersebut? Untuk makluman, saya tak jual buku tu..