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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tasik Kenyir Visit 4-5 Apr 2014

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa..

Today, I would like to write about Tasik Kenyir visit. This is the time that I have enough courage to write something lengthy. Before this, I don't feel to write anything since at Year 3 Sem 2 requires me to write so many reports and assignments which makes me feels lazy during this holiday. hoho

Ok, here is the pictures. Actually, there are veeeeeery long story to tell here. But because of the gap is too long, I think I have forget many things and therefore I will write things that cross my mind right now.
This poster objectives should be changed actually. hoho..

We depart to Tasik Kenyir around 6am and arrive around 9am (if I'm not mistaken because I already forget the exact time). We need to quickly get onto the houseboat before 12pm to Kelah sanctuary. One large houseboat, one smaller houseboat, and another is the speedboat. Time taken to arrive Kelah sanctuary is about 3 hours. At first, I'm bit afraid because of water is everywhere. Previously when I'm young (primary school), I'm having seasick. But this time, since it is only a lake, Alhamdullilah I do not feel any dizziness. Throughout the journey to Kelah sanctuary, it is bit boring but thanks to the nice weather which makes me feels relax after very tiring week of study. There is one time whereby the engine of the houseboat stop. I guess it is because of fuel exhausted. So, they take around 30minutes to refill and the journey continue. My lecturer told me that the depth of the lake is bit shallow since we are able to see trunk (batang2) of tree coming out from water. Last year, the lecturer told that she do not see any trunk plus the weather at that time is rainy.

On the boat, I talked with the lecturer who is from Indonesia. She loves the nature and teaches Pharmacognosy. There are many story that I hear from her. At first, I thought she is a Muslim but when I told that Kelantan mall close everytime during Jumuah prayer which is good, then she told that she is Christian. Then I asked, "Do you know Israel?". The story begin here. hoho... I thought of wanting to do dakwah or at least insert something about Islam so that she will wants to know more. She goes to Israel to make pilgrimage. There are 3 places for Christian pilgrimage which is Jerusalem, Y, & Z (i could not remember the other two) which are located at Israel. She told that Malaysian passport won't be able to pass through the Israel border easily. There are snipers/gun aim at the people who are crossing the border. They are not allowed to bring anything into the Israel. All their belonging need to place like at the airport and the security there will check EACH of items and will take anything that they consider dangerous. Even watch cannot be wear. The lecturer describe the situation as "intense". I think I could imagine that fear. Inside the Israel, she said that it is very well-developed country and modern. The technology even better than Japan. The university there are so good in research. This is what is being told by my lecturer. I'm not sure whether it is true or not.

Other things being told by lecturer is about she buying plants at Malaysia for her research. One of the plant is Sarang semut. According to her, the quality is not the same as at Indonesia plus it is bit expensive.

So, after the long journey, the time shows near 12pm but we still didn't arrive. The PIC of the boat manage to take us into the speed boat. I feel so scared riding it because we are very near to water. My friend even selfie in the boat but then the boat shake like going to 'throw up' (terbalik). So, the boat driver told us to sit quietly and restrict movement because if keep moving, the boat will be unbalance when the driver drive at high speed. After listening to that, I wish I dont ride speed boat anymore after this.

Then, after we arrive Kelah sanctuary, it is already 12.15pm and the owner there won't allow us to get in. So, we return to the place that we are going to stay overnight. Lesson here is that, be punctual, and manage everything properly. So, since we don't have anything much to do, we go to take bath at the river (I dont remember the place as well). In order to get to the river, we need to climb higgggghhhhhh stairs. It is so high which make us sweating and feel tired.

 Below is the picture:

The next day,  we go to visit place of our real objective which is to see plant sanctuary. We will be given one type of plant for each group. So, here are some pictures that catch my camera.

Eventhough this looks nice in the picture, in real setting, i don't even want to get near because I think it is very deep and not so clean.

I don't know the name of this tree. But let me call it as 'tarzan' tree since it is circling

This plant is Mata Ayam (if I'm not mistaken. I only remember its name has 'Ayam'). This fruit taste sweet and can be eaten.

Here is what is being displayed. I take picture because I plant this at home.

There are many plants that I take above but I could not remember their name now. Sob2.. I remember I'm taking pokok asam jawa. Their young leaves appear pink and taste sour and crunchy. I like it.

My group got Malacca tree. The tree is so high and we are not able to see their peak because is being covered with other tree. Pokok Melaka has nothing to do with gula melaka ok. Gula melaka is from coconut oil. Pokok Melaka has fruits which is edible. So, below is the poster that has been made. The cost to print this A1 size on sticker paper (like the sticker at the car mirror) is RM30.

Printing 4 poster at the same time

Ok. I think that's all for now. Toooooo lengthy. Need to revise my Mandarin language. Almost forgot everything lorh.. Zai jiannn~~

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