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Friday, December 19, 2014

Pusat Racun Negara (1 Disember 2014)

Assalamualaikum, Nihao Konnichiwa....
Here is my short notes during the visit at USM Penang. This is under subject Clinical Toxicology.
USM VISIT on 1/12/2014
Information regarding Cameron highlands : Pesticide amount in water is too high than safe amount, disarankan mnum air mineral saja.

《Case study which is adapted from real case》

Bdk 2 yo ingest thinner
▪Management /intervention▪
Pukul brp g hospital?
Apa intervention yg parent n doctor dah buat?
Gastric lavage n activated charcoal xperlu bg.
Sebab bg if <1hr ingestion.
Low viscosity xboleh bt lavage sbb boleh aspirate into the lung. Thinner, acid , alkali. Monitot cns, mental status, cek abg if pt have s/sx, 


Op poisoning in 56yo female with alzheimer
▪Management /intervention▪
Nicotinic, muscarinic effect.
Glyphosate is herbicide = ken -phosphate
Thus cek btul xyg brand name yg Dr ni dah ckp. Glyphosate or OP?
Apa intervention yg Dr dah bt?
Lavage depend on time admin n type of substance.
investigation : atropine challenge test dose sbb incase op poisoning , inject, dlm 2-3min akan dpt observe effect HR normal, klu no OP, HR naik.

35yo female 3 hours ingest 1/2 bottle of clorox.
▪Management /intervention▪
Doctor akan bg antiemetic.
Halfbottle tu besr ka kecik ka?
Bila time vomiting..
Cannot do gastric lavage.
Clorox is alkali pH11.

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