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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Recipe - Fruit pudding custard

Assalamualaikum, ni hao konnichiwa..

Yesterday recipe is as follows :
1. Agar-agar - 1/2 cup
2. Water - 10 cups
3. Fruit cocktail
4. Custard powder - 4-6 tbsp
5. Sugar - 1 cup
6. Fruits - chopped into small cube
7. Egg - 2
8. Essence vanilla
9. Condensed milk - 1tin

Heat the agar-agar with water for about 2 hours (because I use not the powder agar). Mix custard powder , egg, essence vanilla, condensed milk together. When the agar is completely dissolved, add custard solution into agar solution and mix until it thicken or boils. Then add in fruit cocktail and let it boils for second time. Lastly, pour into your preferred container and leave it cool before refrigerate. Delicious when it is chill. Mine is not so sweet. Its taste is not sweet as fruit taste (barely taste the sweet) hahaha.. so, if you want more sweeter, add in more sugar..

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