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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Problematic Celcom - AutoSubscribe

Assalamualaikum, ni hao, konnichiwa, may peace and blessing be upon you.
Ok today, since i'm on holiday, my mind feels more relax and now, i'm thinking to write this topic. This has been in disturbing me long time ago. I feel so annoyed with celcom.
Here are the stories..
Previously, i always topup my credit with rm50 since i'm on upax which dont have expiry date. One time, about 5 years back, i notice that rm50 gone within 1 week. So, im thinking that maybe i over used. So, i topup again with rm50 and then, after 1 week, i recheck the balance and noticed it is gone..! Omg, since im bit nerd, so, i topup again and the same outcome again.. then that time, i'm thinking of something might have stole my credit silently. and i suddenly remember that there are lot of mms i had received containing food recipes, videos, etc2 which i dont subscribe! so, i didnt even bother to reply stop or read the mms at all. Then i decided to call celcom to clarify things.
Then, you know what did they say? I told i didnt subscribe anything and have never reply any unknown "5 numbers spam". I told i want them to block any 5 numbers which are not from celcom. It is really disgusting. They say they cannot do that..what...?! If celcom cannot to that, then who else can protect we as the customer? They even cannot help us to stop subscription and ask us to do ourselves which then require some credit to stop the autosubcribe services. 
Then, after i stop all, then last month i decided to use phone and no turning on any wifi or mobile data. So, i found out that number 22221 keep sending mms/sms which when i open the mms, it will automatically retrieving something. That number keeps sending the sms. And you know what, my credit doesnt change at all. But who want to use two phones to call one, and to surf one? Aiseyy..so currently im using umobile which is so far the best.
Bad customer services and just know to take customer's money. Haiya.. please do plan do check act on ur services. So bad.
For those who are thinking to buy Celcom or thinking to change to other Telco, just proceed without delay..
Dislike Celcom.
One way to do if u still want to use celcom is by set the blocking number in ur phone, make sure to block all the number that keep sending u mms /sms so that you wont be able to open/received it. If you received and open, i guess it will autosubs again.
Thats all. Jaane~

1 comment:

mutiara bd said...

klong pun xdapat bill celcom lama dah. entah apa-apa celcom ni